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Top Five Web Design Trends of 2015 in Charlotte NC


If you are getting a truckload online traffic driven towards your business website then it becomes important in converting those visitors into your loyal customers. For which you need to update your Charlotte based business’s website design, which will attract as well as keep the visitors engaged for more time; this will result in allowing them to get more information about your products and services as well as entices them to become your recognized customer.


In Charlotte more and more business owners (from small, medium to large size businesses) are realizing the importance of an effective web design for which they have considered King’s Marketing to get an intellectual website design service. Our skilled web designers will efficiently design your website making it up to date with the latest trends that will result in an artistic, interactive, playful and edgy business website to make a lasting impression on your visitors.



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Exciting and useful web design trends are continuously popping out since 2015 started; we are listing out below some latest web design trends that will have a big impact on your business:


  • Mobile Responsive: In 2015 mobile responsive web design is not just a feature but has become a must have web design for business owners in Charlotte to match growing numbers of mobile web users. Making your business website mobile responsive will help in giving visitors best experience while browsing through your business website.
  • Natural Stock Photography: Year of 2015 is witnessing more and more businesses based in Charlotte are upgrading their business websites with natural stock photography (such as a snap from a real event) that will give visitors a glimpse into real moment.
  • Big and Bold Typography: Designing your business website with over-sized headlines and big bold typography helps in creating a huge impact on the visitors giving them a straightforward and powerful message about your business brand.
  • Rich and Dynamic Video Backgrounds: Fully responsive HD-quality video back grounds are seen on many websites in this year of 2015. Video backgrounds will help in portraying emotions, intentions and tells more than a mere picture background.
  • More Interactive Approach: In order to create unique and personalized experiences many websites are looking forward to include an interactive approach for a significant impact on visitor’s emotional involvement with your brand.


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