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Fun-to-Have Creative 2016 Website Designs in Charlotte NC

The New Year 2016 is just around the corner and you are engaged in planning and packing gifts. As a business website owner in Charlotte NC; have you given a second thought of considering what shape your web design will take in 2016 that will enhance an online brand presence? When thinking for a website design, you need consider exciting innovations and trends, which will result in a user-friendly and engaging business website.

In this post, you will find some most thrilling trends, concepts and features for 2016 website design requirements.  
Consider Google’s Material Design Concepts:

Google’s new visual language gives real-life materials like ink and paper the dynamic quality of digital design. Google’s Material Design concept draws on the fundamentals of graphic design such as typography, grid, space and colors. This will offer a minimalist look that flows into a clear order of the webpage and offers extensive use of icons, shapes, shades and layering.

Opt for Video Backgrounds:

You can avoid your business website’s boring and static look with video backgrounds that helps in setting a perfect tone to the entire design and conveys important information to website visitors as well as creates powerful branding messages. This had made video backgrounds popular in 2015 and will continue to be a most demanding web design 2016 trend in Charlotte NC. Remember a cleverly-directed video background can liven up your whole website.

Select Funky Colors:

Selecting some pretty and exciting color schemes will help in stepping into this energetic and bold year of 2016 in a beautiful way with an attractive and impressive website design. You can consider both richer color palettes that combine different shades creatively as well as think of an elaborate monochromatic exploration of single colors. Your business website’s colors will help in building a great atmosphere and communicates in a great way the emotions & mindsets with the visitors.

Use Customized Visuals:

Avoid using stock images and graphics for designing your business website in Charlotte NC; it will be better to increase customization of visual material online. There is always a certain value to present photographs and illustrations that will create a sole brand image over the website.

Lookout for Motion Design:

Movement in website design is making a comeback, which has today reached a level of sophistication that promises to create a desirable web design.  Today web designers at King’s Marketing are opting for innovative ways like moving images, animations and gif files to integrate while designing a business website in Charlotte NC.
You will get an engaging and top quality web design service in Charlotte NC at King’s Marketing that will enable your business website with enhanced user experience and look attractive. Step into 2016 with an engaging and impressively design business website with us.Contact us today at 980.272.8742. For more updates and notifications, stay connected with us on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter , pinterest, Reddit, Diigo, Delicious,  pages.
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